How to Pleasure a Woman With Your Fingers

Learning how to pleasure a woman with your fingers is one of the most exciting and fun things a man can do. Though most find it to be a very hard task, the skill it takes can be learned rather easily if you put the time and effort.

This article is going to show you the basic principles, that used correctly, will cause any woman you touch sexually to achieve an orgasm rather easily.

That being said, like any art form, practice and patience are very important.

Let’s get started…

How to pleasure a woman with your fingers

Remember the basics:how to pleasure a woman with your fingers

In my previous post on how to please a woman I talk a lot about the basic most important principles of sexual mastery (check out the article by clicking here)

Before you jump into the techniques I’m going to give you, I suggest you first get up to speed on this.

A solid foundation is where you want to start.

Start from the outside and build in:

Because the penis is a man’s main erogenous point, most men mistakenly go to a the woman’s private parts too fast, forgetting that her whole body is their playing field.

Before I even consider touching her vagina I always first take a detour to check out the landscape.

The neck, nipples, breast, the area above her butt, legs and many other areas are a wonderful place to start and ease in the building of delight.

You see, learning how to pleasure a woman with your fingers is about knowing how to build up the tension to the release. You don’t want to take out your biggest guns at the early stages.

Not all pressure is created equal:

I used to work as a measure for a while and discovered that touch has many variations, some better for pleasure other not so much.

It’s important to remember that some women are more delicate than others. When it comes to pleasuring with your hands, you have to imagine what sort of touch you would enjoy. Start off gently with stroking her gently.

Later as she gets used to your touch, start turning your touch into a more deep and massage like motion.

Know where the main pleasure points are:

Women have two main pleasure points, the clitoris and the G-spot. The clitoris is located at the top end of her vagina and is very obvious while the Gspot is located inside her birth canal 1-2″ towards her stomach. again, it is important to work yourself there and not land there in the beginning stages.

start off my pleasuring the sub-arousal areas such as nipples, neck, thighs and asshole.

Variety is everything:

Women are emotional and they experience many fluctuations during sexual acts. If you want to learn how to pleasure a woman with your fingers, you have to understand that you can’t just use the same motion for half an hour and expect her to scream with pleasure.

Your hands are very versatile, so use them that way.

Use different types of motions such as: side to side, up and down, circular and zigzag

Also, you were born with 10 different fingers so experiment by using each one of them and combination of them together.

Make it wet gently:

Girl’s privates don’t always get wet at the beginning stages. It is important to be gentle at the part and not to put a lot of force on her more gentle areas.

This means, no sticking your paws inside of her yet.

Only when you feel she is lubricated enough you can start inserting your fingers inside her.

Gently! Very gently!

Do not, I repeat do not spit on your hand to get the lube. Use your skills to make her wet organically.

Don’t be afraid to ask:

Many men feel ashamed to ask a woman what she likes, because they feel it makes them seem inexperienced and weak.

In my experience, asking is the fastest and easiest way to find out how to pleasure a woman with your fingers and most women will gladly tell you and guide you to the promise land.

As you get more experienced and better in the act, you will be able to calibrate without her telling. You’ll just feel what’s right.

But before you can arrive at that point, remember to just ask what she likes.

Be willing to fail:

Sexual mastery is not something you are born with or just stumble upon. It’s a skill you acquire through practice and also failure.

I’ve had many sexual experiences that didn’t go well and I learned from each one of the.

Most men, sadly, take it way to hard and are almost scarred by bad sexual experiences. That is a very counterproductive mindset that doesn’t nurture improvement.

That’s like learning to play a guitar and getting mad at yourself that you missed a note. Without the willingness to make mistakes you will not be able to learn how to pleasure a woman with your fingers or with any other part for that matter.

Educate yourself:

The best way to learn how to master any skill is to first get educated and learn the different factors and principals that will propel you to success.

To help you on your way I created a 7 free lessons course on sexual mastery you can subscribe in the form below with your name and email.

I suggest you take me on my offer and make your way to become the master your heart truly desires.

Have a great day,


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by Dean Amour in How to Pleasure a Woman

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